Advice on modeling the USS Voyager


ok I’ve already seen a bunch of tutorials on modeling and using reference images and whatnot but y’know depending on whatever your project is these generic advices & tips dont always apply.

So I was wondering if anyone out there on these forums whos had experience in modeling shops could help me out.

I’ve already found my reference images, these :


Now these ships have the advantage of being completely symmetrical so I figured I’d use the mirror modifier, but I was wondering about what part of the ship I should start with, and well any other ship related tip anyone has.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, my generic advice would be to start with the hard part. That way, if you mess up and have to start over, nothing is wasted except the messed up part.

I agree that you should use the mirror modifier. I would start with a UV sphere, then delete all of the faces except the bottom 25%. That’ll be the bottom half of the main part. Duplicate it, flip it, and join it. Select a few faces from the underside and extrude to start making the back part, with the engines.