Advice on what to fix and what to declare finished!

I’ve been playing around with blender for several years, but this is my first big project, using particles, scenes, rotoscoped video, rigged animation, etc… It started from a tutorial on youtube: “How to make a hobbit hole in 15 minutes” which took me several weeks to complete and then another few months to get into this form.

The biggest thing that needs doing is the animation of the bird and dragon. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, but spent so much time solving other problems while imagining how great the flights were going to look that I’m afraid to even start — because I know I won’t be able to make as good as it is in my mind.

The story is finally in place but I’m hoping for advice on how to finish it. The list of problems I see is incredibly long and I’m not going to solve all of them before I declare this done, so I’m interested in which issues stand out to people watching! Any tips on the animation of the flights would be great, but I’m definitely going to make that as realistic as I can. It’s the other glaring issues I’d like to prioritize!

The video is rendered in EEVEE, but my intention is to render the final in cycles, so I’ve included a few key frames rendered in cycles.

[EEVEE rendered video]

[Cycles Frame 1]

[Cycles Frame 167]

[Cycles Frame 625]

[Cycles Frame 821]

[Cycles Frame 951]