Advice, Please...

I’ve already started on a little game here. You’re a ship, and the level is coming at you, and you need to dodge things and pick up bonuses and blah blah blah. What I would like help with is getting the level to scroll backwards like in the drawing (crappy, I know). I set the plane (or level) to ALWAYS have a -.05 value in the dLoc section, and set the ship to ALWAYS +.05 to counter-act it, and got it to move how I wanted, only really slow. So, I bumped up the values. What that did was send the ship way out of the camera view. I can get it to work if I parent the camera to the ship, but I would like the camera to stay stable so we could see the ship move left to right in the screen.

Any comments will be appreciated.

brown=mountains, other obstacles
in the middle, that’s an arrow pointing in the direction that I have the level going.

I can’t quite make out what you are shooting for here. A .blend file would be nice.

My guess is the answer is going to involve parenting the camera to an empty and maybe animating the plane. It really depends on what you want though.

ok. Iet me try. if I don’t get any good results, I’ll post a .blend. tommorrow. G’night.

I know how to fix that camera thingie of yours XD
Step 1:
You leave the camera unparented, and with the dLoc forward settings.
PS: No sideways movement for the camera :wink:
Step 2:
Now you give the spaceship the same forward setting as the camera, plus the sideways dLoc assigned to keys like A or D…
Hope your sucessfull…

That’s not what I was doing. I was making the level and the ship move in opposite directions, and the camera was staying in the same position. But your idea should work much better. Thanks.

I’ll go ahead and post a blend when I get this done.

Hey thanks guys, I got it working, but for now its just a little ship and a plane. When I make it a little more interesting, I’ll post a blend.

Yeyah! It is done! If you PM me your email I’ll gladly send it to you :slight_smile:

This seems like a crude way of doing it. Since the ship could tap any object and slow down, while the camera would still be moving the same speed, so the camera would zoom right by. The ship could also start going up a ramp, or down a hill and it would end up with the same thing happening, camera zooming away.

You could parent the camera to the ship, and then add “SlowPar” in the objects menu (F7), with a TimeOffset of 5 (you can change this to fit what you want).
I’m not sure what you mean by “I would like the camera to stay stable so we could see the ship move left to right in the screen.” because parenting the camera to the ship would do that. The way I just suggested might work.

I know everyone has been working, from reading the other posts, but I would like to still input my knowledge to this for any other blender users lurking.