Advice please =)

I tried blender out awhile back. Took a break but now getting back into the modeling stuff again. I took a bunch of random screenshots of my model to show areas that need work. Obviously the buttocks and front region need work. The head seems to look relatively ok to me but at the same time something seems a bit off about it… that’s kinda what I’m looking for. What can I do to make it look more natural. I’m not as familiar with anatomy, proportions and all that jazz like most of you here.

The edge flow on the head is really off. The cheekbones looks flat, the lips are a bit too close to the nose and from the side view, the chin needs work. Luckily, there is a series of tutorials that specializes in facial topology and beyond. They are on Youtube. Since the character that you are making is female, look up the Blenderella series to give you a crash course. Also, work on the ears.

There’s almost no CHIN at all. And the eyes seems too close together.

You answered your own question: learn anatomy. That’s the only way to improve your character modeling.

Hi! I suggest you to see some good blueprints representing human bodies (on Maybe it can help you to precisely model some parts.
And there are some awesome tutorials on modeling human bodies and faces. Check it on google, it’s very interesting !

there is a link on youtube, very good tutorial … The structure of Blender HD :Modeling human figure template