Adwaita Dark Theme

A Theme to fit in with the Adwaita Dark GTK Theme (Gnome 3 default).
I also did a version without the tinted interface - which kind of defeats the purpuse, but it’s better for color grading.

For Blender 2.8
adwaita_dark_v1_2.xml (52.7 KB)
adwaita_dark_notint_v1_2.xml (52.7 KB)

For Blender 2.79:
adwaita_dark_279_v1_2.xml (49.6 KB)
adwaita_dark_notint_279_v1_2.xml (49.6 KB)

Edit: Did some minor fixes
Edit2 10.06.18: Some other fixes for better readability and consistency

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Thanks for sharing

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pretty nice theme, thank you!

@urkokul @cocaroca Thanks :slight_smile:

Just did some small fixes that improve readability and consistency (modifier boxes easier to read now, current frame is the same color now in every editor…)

This theme is some hotness.


Love this one, thanks!