AeroSpeeder : Xperimental Motors


I’m a beginner in 3D and I’ve just finished my first Blender game.
Download and try it here :
Thanks for your comments !


very good indeed. even if u made 100 blendergames, still this is amazing. atleast as I can see then I watch the screnshots.

Competition just got tougher!!! I’ll make a quality check on my game now… (goes running and grabs sketch book…)

wow man, wow…

tis bloody good, specially for first time, how long it take you?

downloading now…

I worked 5 months on this project… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your compliments !

Mouse clicks don’t seem to be working for me, so I’m not able to try this. I’m using OS X 10.4.11 and Python 2.5. Anyone else on a Mac and can confirm this? (I’m just launching the .blend BTW)

It would be nice if people could state which OS games are supposed to run on, if it’s binary only or if blend files are provided. I’d like to try this game, it looks very nice, but I’m hesitant to download 140MB just to find out it’s a binary I can’t run (I’m on Linux).

EDIT: Ah, I see from bigkahuna’s post that there are blends. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I work only on Windows…

I don’t know if game run correctly on Mac OS X.

(NB : all .blend files are provided.)

Well, the screenshots are nice…downloading…I hope that there’s a blend?!
Ah, blends available? Great!

Well, trying…

Weird, the mouse don’t work in Linux too?!
Anyway the overall feeling is IMPRESSIVE!
Almost as good as Wipeout ( almost)
I couldn’t play the game, only load individual scenes, but the “atmosphere” is great, great textures, effects, sounds…
how do you get those voice sounds?

Now, you’ve a Textures folder that “weights” 150MB???
You can “convert” all those TGA’s to JPG’s and get a 40MB one, probably?!
Keep blending!

Yes, file size is -huge- for the number / size of textures you’re using. OTO - I submitted another bug report. Hopefully someone will look at this before 2.48 is released. It will be disappointing for Mac / Linux BGE users if these input issues are not fixed.

Thanks OTO !

All musics and sounds are created by my friend, I don’t know exactly his process for voices sounds…

I use TGA because in JPG there isn’t alpha layer.

jraffel, this is a very fun game!! I started the game on Linux, so far it seems to work nicely, have to test some more.

As a suggestion: you might consider providing the Windows dlls as a separate download, so people who don’t need those wouldn’t have to download them.

Question: as per your instructions in the readme, I open AeroSpeeder.blend with Blender 2.47. I’d like to be able to lower resolution, as the race mode slows down too much. Can I do this somehow? Edit some blend file perhaps?

One critic already :): I can barely read the menu font, for example the help screen with the controls.

All in all, great work, great fun, thanks for making this, and thanks for providing the blends so everybody can play! :slight_smile:

Sanne, “loader.blend” load “start.blend”, I think you can edit it. Thanks for your comment !

jraffel - I’m trying to understand why mouse clicks are not working on OS X or Linux. Are you using any special Python code or Windows .dll for mouse clicks?

bigkahuna, for me mouse clicks aren’t working either on Linux with my self compiled svn Blender (which is in essence 2.48), but they work with 2.47 from Did you test with 2.47?

jraffel, thanks for the hint, I will have a look at the blend.

clicks linkblinks this is your first game?!?! Geeze you got talent! good work!

@bigkahuna : there isn’t special python code or Windows .dll. For clicks detection, I use mouse sensors logic bricks… And all .dll are only copies (Blender Windows directory).

@JESUSFRK14 : thanks, yes it’s really my first game ! I launched Blender for the first time on April 20, 2008 lol. :slight_smile:

Did you have any previous modeling skills? Cause that’s the work of a pro up there, I am not joking.

Seriously ?! … lol

No, I’m really beginner in 3D. Before Blender, I just worked a few time on Maya but nothing very serious.

However, I work with Photoshop and Illustrator for several years !

Ok, because that’s amazing. I’m downloading currently, and can’t wait ti play it.
After a few more games, you’ll be one of the best game designers here :wink:
can you do humans? <-- random.