Afraid of the Dark (more of a particle test)

Heres a thing i made juz to test particles.

First of all this should probably be in blender tests forum.

Second of all, just because it’s a ‘dark’ or ‘night’ scene, that doesn’t necessarily mean you light it less than a normal scene. You just need to change the type of lighting. Maybe some moonlight-like light would work here for highlights.

Maybe use a bluish light.

Ok, i get it.
But i juz have 1 question tho.
His hair, mouth, eye1, eye2 and his body are all seperate parts.
is it possible to group them but all the seperate parts can still move on their own, and the mouth can still have keyshapes?

and how do i parent an empty to eyes so that when i move the empty, the eyes will follor (rotaionally)