"After a Quest". Help me improve it!

Does it look like a table in a Tavern?
Magic Scrolls, Tibares (coins from Tormenta RPG), magic sword and the felling of “quest done!”.
How do I improve de mood?


Looks cool, could be a menu screen for a rpg.
The edges of the scrolls are a bit too perfect, try roughen them up a bit. Same with the table, it looks brand new. Some scratches and stains on the table helps with that.
And for atmosphere nothing beats dust particles in the air.
And this doesn’t have anything to do with the mood but the scale is a bit all over the place. If the weapon is supposed to be a sword the grain on the wood feels a bit to large, and the mug is way to small.

The red band holding the scroll closed is perfect. The texture on the scrolls needs help. What if you put a yellow or brown fractal cloud texture on top of whatever you’ve got? The shape of the scrolls is iffy, if flattened, they would have ruffled edges. They also look too thin, do they have thickness at all? I’d say the liquid container looks more like a coffee cup than a flagon of ale. What if you made it shaped like a beer stein? Finally, I think you need more things that give a sense of scale, at present all I see is the grain of the wood. What if you put in a hand on the table? What if you moved the sword/dagger so the whole grip was visible? What if you put a pixie on the table?

Scratches, dirty and take the camera some centimeters back, different kind of coing (size and materials like silver), and it looks like a dagger instead of a sword.

The rest looks quite fine.

I second douglas.cast - before I read his comment, my answer to your question was going to be “wrinkles and dirt.” The feeling isn’t that anything was done, nothing shows grime.

It is, however, a nearly perfect play image for a menu screen as mentioned above.

Scale’s a tough thing. We know how big a beer mug is, so maybe if that was closer to the sword we would get the sense it was bigger than a large dagger. I also think that if you show the edge of the table, just a little, and let us see the tavern floor, that would introduce the right environment - by lighting alone, it’s unclear where we are.

I have a rough English so, “dirty” and “coing” cames out sometimes lol.

The menu size and scale is kinda relative, I always use centimeters and meters to set size on my projects, I even created a ruler to take care of this, so not a big deal for me. :slight_smile:

I’m not a fan of closer screenshots for menus and things with text information, so I think a more away table can give a different look to the overall project and also scale, it look’s like our face is almost hiting the table (IMO, and sorry if I look rude, it’s no my intention), maybe some hands arround the table, something like a talk between charachters or the corners of the table and the floor (we’re looking down) or a wall (we’re seated) can give more room to place things arround, except if the menu came out from one the scrools, but both requires a camera animation to fit things better.

Menus like Bulletstorm and Last Of Us explains things better (my taste of course).

Some times I forgot to explain my point of view, thanks for make me explain it right this time.

Thank you! I actually used metric units to calculate the size for the objects, but I agree with you, I’ll try to fix it.
And thanks for the tips! You realy helped me see the mistakes. And now I want to make a game! hahaha

Thanks! Yeah, the papers do have thikness :stuck_out_tongue: ! but I guess they couldn’t make a paper that thin at middle age hahaha.
About the shape of the scroll, I was undecided about the look I was aiming for, carrtoon ou realistic, so I guess I got a little messed up with that. I’ll try to improve it.
Wow! having a hand fliping a coin there would be awesome! I never tryed something so… human, but I will!
And I will make a more brutal flagon! I hope it will look better. Tanks again!

Thanks! I missed some dirt at the final render too, especially blood on the sword. I will try to add some details. o/

Thank you! My second render will have more of the tavern. I was thinking about adding some shadows, like, warrior and harlots near the table. Give the sense os a crowded place.

Thanks! Hahaha, my english is not that good too (I hope I didn’t wrote anything wrong at the previous posts :P), at fist I thought “coing” was some king of onomatopoeia XD.
Anyways, I used metric units while I was scaling things, maybe my problem was not having a proprer mug for reference :P.
Not rude. I totally agree, seeing it now, it realy looks to close of the objecs, I will try to fix that.