After the storm

The goal of this project was to make something serene, while dramatic, and having a sense of scale. Landscapes were made with Gaea, trees came from an asset pack, like all other vegetation. The little hut is from sketchfab.

rendered with 1024 samples, NT at 0.005.



I want to live there :star_struck:


Nailed it!

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I really like this!!

One thing: in my opinion you should find a way to improve the wet feeling…for exampe the cabin roof seems to dry…
Except this, it’s a great image!!!


Thanks! Tbf, the after the storm idea started shaping up really in the final stages, so i havent really considered making it actually so. But thanks for the suggestion, i definitely will consider changing a few things


It looks incredible! I think some steam or something coming up from the roof could help sell it. Maybe use a smoke simulation or a steam alpha?

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Thanks for the suggestion! I think I’ll whip up a new version with all the suggestions. They’ll probably really bring the whole thing together

New render, with a few fixes. Attempted making the roof, tree needels and a few other things look wet, and added some smoke coming from the hut.


You’re on the featured row! :+1:

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Fantastic work!

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Thank you!

this is breathtaking. Good Job

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Great job, a stunning landscape captured in a beautiful moment.
VERY cinematic.

The only, tiniest of tiny critiques I could offer, is about the water line. I think I understand why you placed it that low in the picture, however it might be a bit too low. At first glance I didn’t see it at all. I was pretty sure though, there would be some lake/river/creek somewhere, so I started searching … and finally found it, scratching at the lower border.

I think I’d consider to adjust the camera position slightly, to resolve that almost-intersection.

I’m not even sure though. Maybe it is perfect as it is - it certainly does emphasize the hugeness of that background.

Maybe that image just needs a large enough screen. :slight_smile:


Volumetrics loos so good, I’m guessing it’s comped in? 2d clouds?

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The clouds and such are a volume VDB, with a generic principled BSDF shader. I turned them off for the clay render though, since it wouldnt work with the override material i used

Yeah, agreed. At first i had in mind that the river would be visible all the way toward the mountain base, with a creek then flowing down the slope. That then proved too ambitious, as i couldn’t really find a way to make a torrent like stream that i could make without water sims. Still the idea was for the river to be a one with a source up in the mountain. Most references for such rivers had steep rocky banks.

At the end of the day, the river is not a main elemont of the render, so im fine with it being a bit out of view.

Thanks for the comment!

Nice, the sense of scale is on point. Great work with the assets!

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