Okay folks, its been a while since its been asked so I thought I’d try…again…has anyone managed to get the afterglow plugin to work?

Not me. I’ve tried so many damned times that I have now given up.


I saw this post and decided to try, and got it to work after 7 trials in about 2 hours. Use it on a black background while you’re learning because, until you sus it, the afterglow colors can be a bit faint. It takes the ‘threshhold’ value (number) of pixels and leaves them behind in the previous frame(s), so a bright color is useful. Use only 20 frames because you are going to do a lot of rendering.
Here is the lowdown:

Description: Afterglow unlike Other plugins is both texture and a sequence plugin.
Description: Texture and a Sequence plugin for glowing objects in Blender.
Author: Daniel Simon & Michael Ohme
Porting to windows/IRIX/Solaris: Kent Mein([email protected])
Email: [email protected]

Texture Setup:
T1) select the “Glow Object”
T2) assign a material to the object, then assign the Afterglow plugin.
T3) the “Texture Number”: give the object a number for identifying reasons.
T4) back in the material window select “win” (thats important for the right coordinates).

Sequence Setup:
S1) load the Scene into the Sequence-Editor (Shift F8, Shift A),
S2) assign the same Afterglow plugin to the Scene-Strip.
Adjust the values (n-key);

note: Texture Number -1 means, that all objects with the texture-plugin will glow.
Change the number to the one from T3 if you want only selected objects to glow.

The very first rendering returns a X. Thats not a bug! This occurs while checking the rendering-resolution.
“Show weights” is for setup and testing only. Maybe not really useful for you.
“Animated” allows you to animate the Glow-Effect ,
Afterglow puts some information in the Xterm while rendering. Afterglow provides some special features to

Blender to have a glow-effect. But it maybe doesn’t work in every case!!! Sometimes you have to check and

adjust the parameters a lot (sorry.). Don’t forget to enable “Do Sequence” before rendering (F10-Menu)

I used 2.23
Py 2.0.1


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Can you show me some screenshots?

I’ve tried so many times with that tute…still cant get reasonable results…keep getting colour-banded blobs.

Did you follow the steps exactly? Or did you do a couple of extra things?

I don’t have webspace so if you PM me your email I’ll send you a .blend.


Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve worked out so far. Follow the steps of the readme above. (THANKS Kent, Daniel and Michael!)
Set up an animation. It has to be an animation because for some reason (and especially when an object moves from one side of the screen to the other) the glow effect is more intense during the middle frames than the beginning or the end. If you want a still you can either key in the second set of IPO’s the same as the first or select one frame from the animation and render it seperately.

In the material buttons set the ALPHA SLIDER to somewhere below 1 (0.300 is a good start). You don’t have to activate the ALPHA BUTTON in the texture value buttons or the ZTransp button.

In the texture buttons select SAVE ALL. I haven’t got the others to work successfully yet.

To adjust the glow effect hit the ARROW BUTTONS to take you to about the middle of your animation. RMB the blue bar of the Afterglow plugin in the SEQUENCE IPO EDITOR window. Hit N to bring up the GUI. Adjust the way you want it. Forget about ANIMATED, SHOW WHEIGHTS and USE BACKGROUND for the time being. When the GUI closes hit A with your mouse over the SIE window to activate the plugin strip.

Render. It’s probably not what you expected. RMB the plugin strip, hit N, readjust and hit OK, hit A to close, [NB] Move up or down one frame[\NB] and render again. Repeat this last step till you get what you want.

Now you can go to the material buttons to tweak the result. In the Texture value buttons REF in the first downstate (white) is the only one that has a marked effect. COL only has an effect on the object as the color of the glow is set in the GUI.

Remember every time you render move to another frame!