Afterwork vol 4

Hey! Here’s another compilation of my personal works, made entirely in Blender.



Yet more awesome work, man. Great job! :smiley:

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Nice! I get some Pink Floyd vibes from the still.

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Soo good! I love your style. :heart: I am currently exploring OpenToonz but when I see stuff like this I wonder if I shouldn’t just stick to blender and its Grease Pencil. Not implying you don’t need a lot of skill to pull of what you did of course. :slight_smile:

Its just I have some trouble getting past the fact that your always working in vector. For me vector feels like something for the final stage, inking and stuff. It didn’t really feel right the last time I gave it a twirl. Clearly you made it work though! :+1:

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I guess it’s a question of setting the brushes right. I use pack of brushes from one of the grease pencil developers and they work ok for me. Of course it’s not the same feeling like with raster brushes, but I would say it’s pretty close right now. And it gives you so much more ways of modifying existing strokes with sculpting and editing tools. And the modifiers of course.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

wow these are great!

1:11 - Me at 3am looking for shredded cheese