Age Poll

i just wanted to know how old most people using this are?

OK two thing im gonna tell you this once!

A.this has been asked TOO many times, try doing a search.

B. wrong forum this should be in off topic chat.

Sry if iwas harsh and i know your new but this ghets asked way too many times.

heh, i’ve actually asked this before…


Older than you list.

Older than you list.

While you’re at it, keep politics and religion out of here too.

I too am older than your poll allows 8)

it seems like the older ones are better too! :smiley:

Moved to the right forum


mmmm… deja vu

I think the Mods should just sticky this one so that no one else makes a new one. That way people will stop complaining about this being done before.

I think the Mods should just delete this one ans keep deleting such threads until people get used to the search function.

There should be a statistics section with user ages, top posters (based on posts per day), etc. so people won’t be asking this anymore. Just a suggestion.

I didn’t vote simply because it’s been overdone, I agree that we should have it pinned

And on the eighth day, God witnessed Trolls and Lamers and n00bs and Redundant posts, so he created the uber-1337 Search, and it was well with their souls…for a time.

Then he Created the even 1337er Google, and thusly it kicked arse. But still the people were ignorant.

Then he created Moderators and Administrators to lock threads like these, and pin them to show people not to be dumb.


You guys are being too harsh! I’m 17 by the way…

It’s amazing that even though this has been done a zillion times before, everyone still posts in it. Look, I’m reply #16, and I dont even like these.
Just ignore any poll and/or topic that has to do with age…

Yeah… Replying on threads you want to see going to oblivion is a great idea…


post #17

Yes. These posts are overdone. How horrible.

I’m 18, by the way.

Heheh, I bet the mods let these threads keep coming just to see who goes insane first.

I think a better idea than a sticky is to allow more user details to be shown at the top of a post. Then there would be none of the who’s from X country or age stuff.

People wouldn’t even have to type the country in their profile, you can ascertain that info from an IP address.