hi! I’ve rendered a long animation in jpg (12 hours rendering!) , so now I’ve got it in separate frames. does anyone know any way (program?) to pack them together in any video format without having to render it again with a video codec?

thank u!!! :smiley:

yes, there is the free program virtualdub
it’s perfect for this task, you can choose the codec you want (like divx) and even add filters and resize your frames.

how long is the animation and what is the frame rate?

Blender can easily do it with the sequence editor if you’re using Windows. Otherwise you’ll want to get the afore-mentioned virtualdub.

hi! I’ve tried both ways and both worked perfectly.
(virtualdub is fantastic, wow)
now I got an avi file of 1 GB!!!
I’ll have to compress it, I’ve seen that I can also use virtualdub, but the result of the compression is quite disgusting… I’m fighting with the codecs right now…

the animation is 29 seconds long at 25 fps,
800 x 600.

thank you very much!

hehe 1GB…
under virtual dub>video>compression> choose divx and hit configure button…a bitrate of 1500 should give you a good quality

I’m still looking for a virtualdub equivalent for Mac OS X. I’m currently using HyperEngineAV and although it is free, I’m beginning to think it is overpriced :frowning: