agmlabs Ankylosaurus Skin Texture

hello, I just modeled this Ankylosaurus, this is for Animation. However two things are bothering me. I would like to make the skin texture less thick, kind of fleshy without looking like plastic. I would like to give it the impression of very thin skin, contrary to how it is now, it looks thick like orange-skin.

Any expert on this matter that could point out to a tutorial, link of give a couple of advices?

The second thing is normal maps, do they change too much during animation?

Is there any settings to make the bump maps more stable regardless of Camera’s Position? Suitable for Animation mostly?

If anyone feels comfortable talking of this matter, please be my guest !:eek:


I’m really liking the texture on your dino! Upping the SSS might help make it look more like flesh. But that’s all I got… Love it though and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

+1 I like the texture too, it’s already looking nice. have struggled with the internal renderer and normal maps, the lighting has to be perfect to get them to render properly. Do you have the sintel dvd? (there is also a torrent of course) Ben Dansie has a nice tutorial on texturing, he goes over creating some nice spec and normal maps. Normal Maps perform much better than bump in my experience. I second the suggestion for sss, but it increases the render time tremendously, makes your render very slow. I would try a spec map, coupled with simply painting the texture a different color where it gets thinner, look up “faking sss”.

Thanks for you answers guys.

@3DMentia: Well I have just added a specularity map to the skin area. I think it depends in what environment this guy will perform. The SSS besides taking lots of time, I have always gotten kind of milky-wax results. May be I haven spot the right setting yet. I will play a bit more with it when I get some time. I guess in the meantime I will live with that, not sure if enabling or disabling the spec map would do best of worst… I have the idea of it looking a bit plastic, or painted with some sore of shiny coat used for wood in real life.


are you sure ankylosaurus had those spikes on his shell?

I wouldn’t say I am sure. I have been looking at different drawings from Google and My Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs plus at some real sculptures from Museums. The answer is: It seems to be both versions, with spikes and other with medium size oval bumps. I considered it more aggressive for my animation the one with spikes, however I really don’t have enough support on which of these two versions are more accurate. May be it would be a good idea to make the spikes less conical, kind of flattened shape perhaps? Or change the name to: SAICHANIA instead of Ankylosaurus? Less popular though.

had some time today, re-thinking the whole process I decided to remove the specularity map, then I added instead a stencil texture and a procedural texture to simulate a bit of veins popping up from the skin.

Aah, that did it, you achieved the translucency you were looking for. There is not much that can beat a good diffuse texture. Looks great.

@ 3Dmentia: Thanks for your comment man. Yeap kind of.

Final SPINTABLE of this project here:

just watched it, I really enjoyed that. I think it is a good job.