Agoose77's GUI

Hello BlenderArtists, and welcome to my GUI system.
This may turn out to be a small blunder into GUI areas, but i shall show some blend files anyway!
Main.blend (475 KB)

How it works:

To run the GUI, you need an object running the script.
It must have a mouse over any sensor, true pulse. (and an always true pulse to keep it running) - This runs the main logic

The ui is setup as a hierarchical tree:

ah, is this what you were telling me about earlier? ^^ Looks pretty neat

Haha, yes it is. It’s messy in some respects, though i think that the core is as neat as it can be. To be honest, I’d feel a lot more comfortable with an integrated GUI, for many reasons, but i don’t like BGUI that much. But, it is most likely just a chance for me to learn it!

This is my prefered way of gui handling:

If only we could use Java in the BGE =/
Hopefully this will be better than having to custom code every individual elemtn in a gui, cheers Agoose :smiley:

Hmm interesting!
The issue for GUI development is not the code, but how it is presented.
It relies on the hard coded Font object or bit map text, both of which are more objects to be added etc.
The datamodel is quite easy in my opinion. This would be good to see in trunk; native font handling. I don’t think that blf is the answer yet.