AGP Question

I have a question about AGP cards. Will an AGP 4x/8x video card work in a motherboard that is AGP 4x? I’m looking into building a new system and I want to make sure the parts work with each other, but this is the only thing I don’t know about.

Any help is highly appreciated.

i believe so. I recently purchased a ATI radeon 9550 that was AGP 4x/8x and my motherboard is a 4x and works fine. Im no expert so take my words lightly.

Thanks man! Yes I’d probably say that it would work then. Anyone else know?

Definitely yes, but it will only run at 4X agp. I just built a new system last month. I suggest getting a better motherboard then.

Ditto to munkey_mike

last I heard [I don’t have a link handy] there is no benefit to an 8x agp slot and card over 4x on any current game

think about it, in order for a game to get a benefit from an 8x slot over a 4x it would have to send an obscene amount of textures to the graphics card in a single frame. While this could happen [if say your graphics card memory were small], it will not every frame.

a new motherboard and chip is a good upgrade though

oh, and someone informs me that not all 8x cards work in 4x motherboards, but I don’t have a problem with mine

Thank you all for the replies, I appreciate it. I’ve decided to use an 8X motherboard instead, just incase.