AGX & Path-guiding versus Filmic no path guiding

AGX color transform + path guiding 333spp then denoise. Compositing has a color balance node to increase the contrast. The same compositing node is used in the filmic render to make it a fair test.

I’ve done a few tests now with AGX and it hands down beats Filmic, it’s results show more realistic shading and saturation of colors its hard to explain but its just a more realistic render with more accurate and preserved colors.

Here the path-guided render picks up more accurate caustics in from the glass orbs.

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Very nice. Could you please increase exposure in the AgX version to perceptually match the Filmic image (or vice versa)? I’m curious if what information remains.

yes i shall try some more tests.

The flimic render was the same 2000spp, it was set to ‘high contrast’ and i used the same color balance node in the compositor to match the perceptual exposure as the AGX render. The light at the top is pure white, and the colors are full brightness pure colors from the color wheel.

Im noticing that AGX does a great job at conveying the white light from the top, if you look at how its shaded the blue ball or the tops of the colored boxes, and some of the colors of the rubix cube are more vivid and imo more accurate.
Also note i saved the render images as uncompressed 16bit png then uploaded here.

For me i feel like im using a whole new rendering engine its brilliant.


Another test on a bottle of oil i just made. Same color balance node used in compositor, same render samples and other settings. 4096 sample 0.02 noise threshold then Open image denoiser.
Just an HDRI light in the scene, but quite complex materials.

What is going on with the wood? Looks like a bump issue in the filmic version.

Good point, but i changed nothing on that wood material. I think its down to the path guiding.

Agx and filmic are view transforms. Nothing changes in the renderer. Plus path guiding is an extra factor so it isn’t a fair controlled test to change two parameters at once.