AI in blender is there?

Is there AI in blender i ve searched all the tutorial places to find how to make AI in Blender:eek:
But there is no Tutorials… Btw…HOW CAN I MAKE AI IN BLENDER GAME ENGINE:(

There is no AI in BGE, you must code by yourself :).

that’s what he’s asking about.

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Although there is no AI in blender (This is most likely because AI is almost always custom made for the specific Game Type) There are all kinds of logic blocks which make coding AI easier such as the collision and radar logic blocks.

AI is just like organism. It has some senses (inputs), which you can emulate by Sensors in BGE. And it has some outputs like actions, which can be emulated by Actuators in BGE.

So a simple template for AI in BGE would consists of a group of Sensors (AI senses) and a group od Actuators (AI actions, interactions, etc.) connected to a python script, which is evaluating all senses and turns them in actions like human brain does.

Anyway, coding an AI will be probably a big mess if you are a beginner with Python scripting and are aiming for something serious.

A lot of testing is the best you can do, young Padawan ;).

Simple AI tutorials here:

What do you want the AI code to do? Without knowing this, we don’t really know where to start.

Pathfinding? Look up A*, waypoints and collision meshes.
Decision making? Best to start with something like a FSM (finite state machine)

Check for at least one article about character recognition done with the BGE.