AI to run away from player

Hello all,

I know how to set AI (cube) to follow the player (another cube), but I can’t figure out how to reverse it, the AI to run away from player.

why is everyone asking the same question the last week?

take a look here:

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I think u know about navmesh, so if you use navmesh, there are various options like seek and flee in the steering actuator, so create a navmesh, select the red cube and and add an always sensor and connect it to the steering actuator changed to flee, and select the object, I hope this will help

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parent your AI to your player. Your player will never ever be able to reach the AI. Basic question -> basic answer.

this is easy, instead of chasing the player, switch it over to chase something else in you level.

Have it track the opposite direction from the player for a second and then have it run zig-zag or whatever you want