Hi guys, finally I finished (this version of) this character :DI hope you like it! :wink:

That is really nice character. The hands look effortlessly natural. It reminds me a little of the style of Iron Giant. Can you tell us a little more about the character? Cycles or BI? your production process.
I want to have a go at making a cartoon character too :slight_smile:

Really great job, I really Like it !

nice work, everything fits together, nice way to work with the proportions.

Really nice character with a strange choice of footwear lol
Are you planning on rigging him? He looks like a stylisitic match for Shadosk’s Cartoon Girl.

Very cool character, great cartoon style. I would also like to see something about the production process: wireframes, textures and hair.

Well done for your character, he look very nice !
Agreed with ristesekuloski, curious to see the process.

Hi guys, I want to thank all of you for the comments and support, at the beggining of the project I captured some images and I’m happy to share to you all :wink:

And some more!

wow really great work! this is awesome. no critiques form me.

And here a little turntable! :wink:

Thanks for showing the details of the build. very nice poly flow.

Nice work!

That’s a great work! I was visiting your blog and saw that Sailor Girl ( I have pinned in one of my Pinterest boards). Did you done in Blender too? How’s your texture painting process?

Hi chicao, thanks! yes, I made Sailor Girl completely in Blender as well, the texturing process is relative to the model, sometimes I work on photoshop from scratch, sometimes I project textures, and sometimes I polypaint in Zbrush :slight_smile:

I hope that answer your question! :wink:

Cool. When you use photoshop, did you ever used the 3d features ? I tryed sometimes to paint directly the model (exported as OBJ) but it seems to me very unfriendly.

Good job !

You need to animate it!!!