Air 2.0 Performance Shock Absorber - Technical Demo

Been working on this demo based on a product from a client of mine. Goal is to work on some photo-realistic production visualizations.

Product images modelled and rendered with Blender 2.64a, using Cycles CPU/GPU rendering. Video edited in Premiere Pro.

Original CG frames were rendered with 500 samples, low GI settings, and at a resolution of 960x540 =75% 720P (note that Youtube scales down to 480 anything less than 720, so the full version is not viewable).

Average render times were 1min 53 seconds per frame and were rendered on a Mac Pro 12 Core (24 render threads) with an Nvidia GTX 580 Classified video card.

This is the initial draft done at 75% 720p. I’m going to clean up some textures, and re-render it at full 720p later.

Hello Toddmcintosh,

Some thoughts…The pacing is a bit awkward. The high speed video footage makes the turntable animation seem very slow. Perhaps by animating the lights or the pistons you could bring the energy level up to match the footage. Also, the lens flare in the first shot is a bit overwhelming, but the lighting on the still frame looks nice.


@voodoc - thanks for the feedback. The first shot is supposed to be low contrast, sort of faded shot before the music kicks in, but I can see the point about the lens flare.

I also agree that the shock would be better animated. I’ve not yet finished the internal parts of the shock, and have not set up any rigging controls just yet. So for now the turn around is the simplest way of getting something concrete.

I could imagine a close up shot of the front corner of a snowmobile with the shock absorber animated as if it’s working in real life. Or perhaps an animation with an xray view of the interior explaining what the different parts do.

Animating the lights could be another easy way to add some more impact as you have mentioned, I’ll consider that as well.

Right now, I probably have more live video cuts than I want, and will have to generate more cg shots to replace them with.

Thanks for the crits.

Updatee to HD version of video - some small tweaks, fixed some textures, reduced the lense flare on some shots, added a title card to the end. Enjoy!

For best quality click through to youtube, and switch to 720p resolution.