Air bubble in water?

What material will you use to make air bubble inside water?

use simple white !

but depends on the look you want too!

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If your model is a cube - give the water a glass material with an appropriate IOR.

place your bubble inside the cube and give it the same material as the cube.

While material is water and air, it is important to tell Cycles how to work around the bubbles.
Can you tell the difference besides the color tone?

Blue has normals inverted on Spheres.

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I have the water already and I may have had that its colored it’s not realy water more a chemical or tinted liquid. Another problem is that there is things other than the water and the bubble in the contenant. So pure white lake the transparency and glass make absolutly nothing its like I didnt hadd bubble in the liquid. I dont realy know how to describe the shape of the water contener but its like a cilinder with half sphere at bothe end. Like the shape on some pills actualy. but I dont realy think it matter as I already failed adding bubble on a magic potion I tryed with the glass shader then.

I didnt think of the inverted normal though I will try that.

Inverting the normals will tell Cycles to also invert the IOR, which is what in reality happens when light is coming from a denser medium to a lighter one.

So you can use the inverted normals described by eppo, or use the same glass material but with 1/IOR instead the water IOR.

Well the inverted normal did pretty well, so I guess I wont try to look elsewere.

Thx for your replys.

Not sure I get whats going on with the inverted normals thing.

A bubble embedded within glass - the boundary sequence goes as follows:

Air / glass / air / glass / air.

this is is exactly the same sequence you would get modelling something like a bottle (which is essentially a large air bubble within glass - just with an open end)

My question is therefore - why do we need to invert normals on a bubble - but not on the interior surface of a bottle?

In fact, they are inverted in the bottle…

^ that explains it - thanks