Air Intake

How would you model a realistic air intake? So far, I’ve got no clue…what I used to do with some models is create the grill bars and just put a very dark material with a little glossy onto it to make it only OK. Is there a better way or is that the most efficient?

Maybe you should post a pic of what you are referring to because, Im sure Im not alone in this, but I have no idea what your talking about…

I’m with Rich. There are many different types of air intakes. Car grill? Jet intake? Air intake for a vacuum cleaner?

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I was talking about a car air intake, it’s sort of like the grill, but the grill is very obvious. I didn’t have any examples at the moment, because of my current computer, but here’s images of what I mean

you could use the knife object to cut the grill here

or use the boolean modifier

happy bl

If it were pretty much that shape, I would just model one corner and use a mirror modifier to make the rest.
Here is a 5 minute example…

Sorry if you mis-understood me, but that’s just how I did it before. I’m wondering if there’s a better way to create the air intake of a car, like the last picture of my last post. thanks

I would just do a flat plane with a wave texture that mixes transparent with diffuse.

Hmm…interesting idea…Is that possible(well, it probably is)? I just use textures for distortion and bump maps…Can you actually get the white part of the wave texture to be translucent? how would you do that? I though textures are like images…hmmm

Just get the wave texture the way you want it, and plug it’s color into the factor of the mix shader node. The whites will become 1.0, the blacks will be 0.0 factor. When I have time, I’ll show you an example.