Air poly demo

hay everyone…
for almost 5 years now … i have been learning how devolop simpel games in blender 3d . and i have made lots of prototyps wile learning …
reseantly i decided to polish up these games prototypes and make from thim short mini games …
and for almost year i have created a simpel protoype of an arcade flyt game trying to capture the old retro pixel games style .
i have finished a demo version of the game . 1 level just for the test , and i would like if you try the game .

the demo virsions free … dosent need an instullation … just unzeep the rar and run the AIR POLY.exe

also if you dont mind … i have made a form that i would like if you check it out for me after you try the game, and answer some of my questions … it will help alot in determening weather i should continue doing mini games or not .
also if you have any questions or feed comment … you can just make thim right here …

the game :
the form :

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Nice. I like the idea of changing camera view. I don`t know how to sink boats (rockets seems to work).

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thanks alot …
yes i wanted to give the player the experince of all game types …
yes you can shot the boats but its hard … youll have to get closer … and the easy way to do it are rockets !!

Tried it out,
Amazing game, especially the art styles.
Submitted your form as well

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thank you so much for that man …
this means alot to me !!!

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hay !!!
thank you so much for haveing the time to check my game !!!
and sorry for the late replay !!! things are happining in #sudan

i am afraid i didnt understand you right !!! but i think what your trying to mean, is if there is a way to unluck the full game ?
i only made this as a demo test to see how far can i go with zeor skills to in impressing others !!
and the fat that only a small number of people tryed the game means i still have alot of way to goo !!!

thanks alot again my friend :slight_smile:

Wow! This project looks great!
It makes me feel kinda starfox vibe

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thanks alot my friend !!! :star_struck:

i never thought that this demo would feel like something that is that much !!!
i am glad you like it.

thanks for taking the time to try it !!!

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Well, why not sink a rocket?



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Just came across this. this is very cool.

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thank you so much for having the time to play it out !!!
and sorry for the late replay !!!