Air (WIP)

Just finished the first clay render of a scene I’m working on.

Not sure if I’m finished modelling or not yet. There’s still something that’s not quite right that I can’t put my finger on.

Any ideas or critiques are welcome as usual.

Probably the ropes must proceed in interior of the balloon, or maybe outside. But I don’t think they can stop there.
And the face is a bit strange. Anyway, in the complex it make a good impression! Try to put a cartoonish background behind it.

Will add tabs to the bottom of the balloon for the ropes to connect to, similar to this reference.

Something is wrong about the face. It’s the first female character I’ve done.

Made her arm a bit shorter per suggestion on IRC

Some Shading. Metal needs more work.

I have got to comment on something like this. very cool. I can’t wait to see where this goes. Great start on the texturing.

Finished most of the shading/texturing but hated the the colours so I’ve made up a quick pallet that I can use as a reference to start tweaking things.

Very nice project! Seeing it for the first time, I imagined a girl with red hair, in a white flowery dress. You know, a little crazy :slight_smile: Something like this:

First render with new colour scheme, looking much better.
Might change the dress a bit like M2o suggested. I draws the eye a lot as I have it now so I like the idea of toning it down a bit and shifting the focus to her hair instead.

Current progress. Will probably declare this finished unless anybody points out something drastically wrong.