Aircraft Features

Hey Blender Artists, I have a few questions that need to be solved. I am going to create a small fighter jet game later on, but right now, I am just designing some aircraft right now. But I would need some help on how to create the following,

  • Animate Engine exhaust
  • gadge lock, ( a auto lock of a crosshair, to a target)
  • Movement of aircraft controls, (ie. Elevators, ailerons, and rudders)
  • The ability to have a missile hang from the wing, fire from the wing, and regenerate or reload from the wing.
    I have uploaded a picture with the parts labeled. Sorry about the picture though, I had it labeled on paint. Anyway please send in your response in how to make the following listed for the Blender Game Engine. Thanks.:slight_smile:


Well for the exhaust… you could do something like in the .blend I attached… make a cylinder (or whatever shape you want) and apply an alpha texture to it… doesn’t look too realistic but it works



exhaust.blend (219 KB)