Aircraft fuel pump

Hi everyone!

This is my latest project I made to practice a bit of sculpting in blender. I kept it simple and focused on the highpoly and textures for the most part.
Overall it was a fun little project! I hope you like it :smiley:

Artstation link:


That’s fantastic. You got it to a tee. One thing I’d like to see is it looks like one of the red bungs is in a face that is supposed to be machined but that face still looks cast.
But my hands are getting oil stained just looking at it.

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That was such a good spot! I can’t believe I missed that detail. I was stuck in my head trying to make the material look old and used so I watched other cast aluminum pieces completely forgetting to get back to my original ref (which was brand new).
I should post WIPs too, that spot would’ve made all the difference in the world.
Thanks again! Learned my lesson to quadruple check the original references for details before moving on to other ref images :sweat_smile: