Aircraft Modelling Help

Hey guys, I’ve tried to make a jet many times, first with a cylinder and then with a plane, But I end up with what looks like a Wooden Stick.
I would be nice to see some non-timelapse tutorials.
Hope you can help.

Maybe this will help: virtual airplane

If you don’t need something uber-detailed, I could give an explanatory video run-through on how to do it based mostly on the methodology used in the box-modeling approach. Suggesting the type of jet would also influence some of the approach used. (Obvious differences between a jumbo transport and a fighter. In regards to initial modeling - whether or not you need canopy and nacelles.) At least you should be able to get something that better resembles an airplane and can go from there.

I’d also suggest watching “Guerilla CG” if totally new to 3D, it’s not specific to Blender but will help you understand the basics. You should be able to find those videos on YouTube or Vimeo.

A follow up. No answer probably means not much interest from OP, but for anyone else reading this here’s a vid anyways…


Generalised and generic, but meant to address something seen a lot with aircraft in free-form modeling. Also if you watch on YouTube, there are timeline skips in the description.

It doesn’t have to mean that OP isn’t interested. Many OP’s in Blender Artist forum don’t respond once they get what they want. I only wish they would label this thread as SOLVED if they’re satisfied with info we gave them. And if they’re not satisfied they could say so, so that we could help them further more.