Airplane physics

hey guys, i was wondering what to do to have basic airplane physics using the Blender Game Engine and how to have the airplane do like roll turns, yaw, pitch, etc. and have the plane react differently in different climate/weather/altitude. Any help is greatly appreciated, many thanks.


Implementing the aerodynamic model and the equations of motion of an aircraft in python is surely not a trivial job.
However it is relatively easy to reproduce a purely kinematic (i.e. without forces) model that responds smoothly to joystick and/or keyboard inputs.

In the attachment you find an example of this kind I made for demo purposes.
Inputs are joystick (including buttons and “throttle” lever) and many numpad keys 4, 6, 8, 2 3, 9, 2, 0, ENTER. The involved functions are easy to discover, but feel free to ask for any clarification you need.


well it is a start i’ll say that, but the only problem i have with it is that it should be more of a constant acceleration, it’s not like you can just stop your plane in mid air you know :wink: also, what about altitude? i want to try and get a plane to have “limitations” (certain speed that will make it stall, certain altitude that will make it stall or turn towards the ground) other than that it’s good but it needs to be a constant forward speed, other than that this will work.


My 1:1 scaled FDM4BGE is the best public BGE flight engine so far.


It’s pretty unstable on yaw axis over 450kmh speed.
Also the stall / spin model is not finished yet.

Feel free to develop it at will.

i havve seen your game project xjazz, it’s pretty neat, but unfortunately i’m trying to ride solo on my massive project (my first official game, i learned most things about making games from an excellent series of tutorials on youtube)

Maybe I was miss reading your post…

Why your asking a help for your solo project?

Just do it! You know :wink:

I have just posted a “realistic” aircraft model in the resources forum…


thanks mb, i’m still looking for some help though unfortunately. there is a flight demo in the works in progress forum. if someone wants they can check it out. please show me what you do with it for all to see.