airplane window

Hi, I need help with cutting out window shapes in the midsection of an airplane. This is the midsection of the airplane :

And this is the shape of the window I want to cut though the cylinder shape :
How do I achieve this?

This may be of some use…

This is how I’ve always made windows, and it seems to work out pretty well.

1.) select all the faces that you want to be where the window is going to be.
2.) Seperate those verts from that mesh, and you have a nice cut out to the shape you want
3.) modify the seperated mesh to get the shape that you want.

Hope this helps.

Thanks guy’s but the video doen’t help me and I don’t quite understand your method Peasley. Does anyone know a tutorial that shows how to achieve this?

I don’t know what the topology of your fuselage is, but I might try to line up a few rows of edges to define the windows’ tops and bottoms, as well as their sides, delete the polys that the windows will be in and assign a subsurface modifier to the cylinder to soften the edges of the windows up (as well as smoothing the hull). If you’re going to be making lots of windows, like for a 747, you might want to make one ring of the fuselage with one window in it for each side, then clone that out however many times there are rows of windows so the edges just meet, merge the objects and remove doubles to fuse them, then apply the subsurface.
Hope thaat helps.

Forget my idea - posted about boolean difference - but doesn’t work as planned (forgot fuselage would be hollow)

I used your method you suggested nickej and it worked fine. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile: