Airport security (rant)

ok well i been to JFK (John Kennedy) airport today (NYC) and notised that at terminal 8 there were abouta dozen troops with full kevlar and m16’s

my question is WHY THE F ARE THEY THERE?? Bush said that its against bomb threats, ok then, HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD ARE THEY GONA PROTECT PEOPLE FROM A BOMB WITH m4’S!!

im kinda edgy right now couze i hada wait for 2 frikin hours to get scaned throu today buy those retards

frikin waste of taxpayers hardearned cash

Security in some other countries has been worse then that for years! I recall seeing troops with submachine guns in India as well as in U.K. Some places had warning signs about taking pictures- none allowed! I’ve had batteries from my camera confiscated at checkpoints (the guard said they could be bombs! I think he was probably reselling them though.) Sad to say, I think it’s only going to get worse before it gets better in the U.S.:frowning:
Papers please?

Yeah, this whole security thing is bugging me too. Why should we have guards in airports? I mean, terrorists at least ought to be able to blow themselves up in the airport if they get caught with a bomb.

I think a lot of it is just to keep joe sixpack scared enough to be under control.

oo yes i forgot to mention a very LAME rules now in place

“no liquid or gelonton allowed” means if u wona take a yogurt with u on a flight for a quick sak or some water or something NOW U CANT, so u gota go and buy a frikin bottle of water from them for like 5 buks before ur flight takes off

What about breast implants or gel filled bras? (they are ok…look it up)

We haven’t flown since we went to Myrtle beach over a year ago so we never had to deal with the upped security measures.

They are bound to let liquids back on flights sooner or later due to new technology designed to detect explosives in liquids.

oo wow, an even bigger waste of taxpayers money, 1 of those things is bound to cost like 50k+

and plus why not use pigs or cats?? they were always the best in detecting drugs and explosives

“no liquid or gelonton allowed” means if u wona take a yogurt with u on a flight for a quick sak or some water or something NOW U CANT, so u gota go and buy a frikin bottle of water from them for like 5 buks before ur flight takes off
That is not a “lame rule”. The reason that you aren’t allowed to bring liquids or gels is because terrorists were planning on mixing several specific liquids and gels to try to blow up planes, or at least set them on fire. (Source)

The United States is at war, and I don’t just mean because we have troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. We were attacked on 9-11 without any provocation. Security measures must be taken to try to deter further terrorist attacks. (I’m not saying the measures that have been taken are the “best” or “most convenient”, but I believe we must beef up our security and security measures.)

Which is worth more, the $5 you might have to spend on a bottle of water on a plane, or approximately 100 lives that could be lost if terrorists are able to detonate a liquid bomb mid-flight?

I’m not trying to rude, so I hope I’m not coming across that way. It’s just my opinion that there are some “small” sacrifices that we can make to try to better protect ourselves from attack. I’d prefer it if the measures taken will be convenient for me and not cost me extra time, etc., but in my opinion, we can sacrifice a little bit to try to save lives. So, essentially, I support extra security measures, but not if they become “too invasive” (like spying on US citizens), etc.

am i like the only 1 that seems though this bull S**t?? the biggest reason that this war was even started was to steal oil, 9/11 happened a VERY long time ago, its time to let it go already, i know lives were lost BUT COME ON how long can u posibly drag this thing out for

and dont get me started on this whole “FIREFIGHTER HERO” bs as well, THEY WERE DOING THEIR JOB, THEY KNEW WHAT THEY SIGNED UP FOR!!


without any provocation

Sorry, I just cannot resist. Reflect for a while US intervention in the internal affairs of nearly every other country in existance.


Telling us to forget 9/11? That is one of the most heartless things you can say other then saying forget the holacaust. Why would people just forget 9/11 when so many people died and thousands still feel the phsycological effects and trauma. We should always remember it, and never forget it, otherwise it would just seem like we just don’t care for the people who died.

Fligh, Thank you, at least some 1 sees the real facts

Icoxo, i didnt say forget it, i say they overdramatize it WAY TO MUCH, just as the halacaust for example thats primarely based on the killing off the jews nowdays (not counting that there was another like 6 mill of otheres dead)

what im saying is that on the 9/11 fact ppl should just chill out already, these things happen all the time and i think America should have expected it becouse of the 2 facts listed below

A: American government sticks their nose into politics that it abviously doesnt belong in
B: It was bombed once and no one did anything , What makes em think that it wont happen again?? the original plan was to knock it down the first time, well it didnt fall so they tried again (and nothing was done to stop it)

We had better not forget 911! A lot of folks sure won’t. What we need to do is to get to the truth.
Just take a bit of time to see what others think.
911 truth

Please don’t still say 9/11 was a setup, even Popular Mechanics debunked all the 9/11 myths. I find it unfortunate that thousands upon thousands think this way.

In my personal opinion it was, it was a very great excuse to launder a BIG load of cash

just look at it this way

the whole invasion of Iraq was based on the “They got weapons of mass destruction” which no one has found

all they did was bomb the desert and towns that were already in ruin

well it does seems rather convient for many americans to forget the Tsunami tragedy and continue to worry about the well being of a single city New Orlean. Just look at the amount of volunteering there was from americans for both of them, I wouldn’t be suprised to find out that the new orlean had more (even though the comparable death and cost are much less than the tsunami damages and even considering the geological limitation).

I’m not anti-american or anything (In fact I’m in a american military family) but I’ve noticed how easily patriotism can blind us to other’s plight and to exagerates our own tragedy. I’m not denying that 9/11 was a horrible event but it is a bit much of a attention that we are lavishing on the event espically when we have a number of other events that have caused as much death and whatnot.

New York City is undeniably a american city but is this the only reason (other than the deaths of countless innocents there) why we have so much feeling about this 9/11?

What I am worried about is that this rash of “patriotic” action by Bush and many americans may have opened the gate to the path to a bigger war than any of us have bargained for. Just look at how our own government are bickering amongst themself about changing the definition of a international agreement on prisoner of war, If the change are approved then many countries may feel that american are trying to take control of what other countries can do and not. THAT would even further the distance between USA and other country in political agreement and possible trade agreement (if this happens, we may have to be prepared to live without Oil and gas cause of possible loss of all oil trades with america).

You should realize that the government pays the media…

The media is always heavily slanted… Just thought you should know.

even Popular Mechanics debunked all the 9/11 myths

Yeah, and Elvis is still alive, so says the national enquirer.

Elvis is was a singer (in ur debate he still is lol)
just to tell u guys that im not anti american, i live in the city of New York and have seen 911 first hand, i was at the site when the towers fell

No im not a citizen of the USA but will soon become one, and looking at this from any other way then patriotic all that is going on doesnt make any sense in any way shape or form

PS. does any 1 even know what even hapened to flight 93 headed for the white houce??
the rumor is that it was shut down (couze the media seamed to cover it up) they didnt even show that much footage of it or didnt even talk about that plane at all