Airship Apocalypse Game {5 member team looking for Artists, Musicians, & Programmers}

{Brief Description}

hello everyone!
in short I, along with 4 others are making an ambitious game!
a game about airships, the apocalypse, exploration, and sky pirates!

we are very early in development, and we have yet to make the first build as a concept demo for everyone to try, and i assure you, once it is done, we will share it here for you guys to try

{Looking for Volunteers}

we are looking for talented volunteers to help us fill the following blank fields, if any of the following jobs look like something you can do, please write to us here: [email protected]

1: Musician
2: Concept Artist
3: Character Artist
4: 3D scenery Artist

please write in if you think you have any unlisted skills that can help us.


~In Game Images~

~WIP airships~
~Cannons models~
~old sketchup models which need to be rebuilt~


[spoiler]latest cannon ~

5 slightly older cannons

the sloop model:

a voice acting audio test concept demo

Please note that i have since after these images & videos moved on to blender, with which i will continue development with.

if you are an Artist, Musician or programmer please do write in.
[email protected]
please send us a short showreel / demo / port folio as reference