Airship Oberon

This is my first Blender project; i’ve been trying to get shots of a steampunk airship in flight with a view to eventually making a short film. I’m quite happy with the result so far. I haven’t decided if i’ll add more terrain or have it flying through a cloudscape, although I will be working on the lighthouse textures and adding more detail to the ship.


Airship seems nice. The lighthouse needs some work.

Cheers. It’s based of off a 1/100th scale model I built of the same. What in particular were you thinking with the lighthouse? I was thinking improving the texture and the mapping around the top. Also, i’ve been playing around with a spherical green light inside the top, but i’m getting awful noise with that at the moment.
Attached below is version 2 - I haven’t touched the lighthouse yet, but i’ve started adding more floating islands, introduced myself to grass (WIP) and improved the textures and modelling on the ship - navigation lights, binnacle, pin racks, more rigging etc.[ATTACH=CONFIG]270457[/ATTACH]

Make some fluffy clouds!

One better, made a storm (well, kind off):
Backrground is a stock image; i’ll replace it next time we get a get down to the sea with a camera. I’m very happy with this; aside from clouds, constructive feedback welcome just to improve it that bit further.

Think you better can get the textures on the lighthouse smaller. It should be comprised of bricks or small stones or something like that. It know gives an appearance that the lighthouse is in fact smaller. Ah well hit and run testing i presume just until you get the right feeling about it.