Al Ion: work in progress, updated

got a little bored at work the other day and doodled this alien that reminded me of my old assistant. i had the time and didnt wont to work on any of my many other(unfinished) projects so i started Al this afternoon.

This reminds you of your old assistant? That must’ve been a rather odd looking person.

For the level of detail you’re trying to accomplish, you seem to be using a bit too many loops. Around the mouth is one example that really sticks out. It looks to me like it could be simplified without losing quality.

Yikes, thats a scary assistant. Good modeling but I thing Pizzadude is right, you dont need quite so many loops.

there arent that many loops that i used, the wired mode makes it look that way.

oh and yeah my assistant carl looked like an alien we always gave him a hard time about it

i took some advice and i deleted one of the loops going up to the nostrel right now i am looking to see where else i can cut back unnoticed.

added a torso and a little spec to the skin.

That looks awesome :slight_smile:

thanks mocrowave

some new updates still no hands or feet a few more tweeks coming

eww looks slimy, just like an alien

i reckon i could have him

I finally got a chance to give him a hand(s) next will come feet, teeth and who know maybe clothing

newest updates:

here is the body shot i have simplified some of the loops a little.

here are the feet that took forever to build(because i have neglected this project for a while)

here is the current version of the hand but it is going to change alot,
i am going to rotate it 90 degrees and bend the thumb down and put a bend in all of the fingers before i rig this model.

last but not least a rendered shot, forgot to mention that i fixed the waist area.

now i need to do the teeth (if aliens have teeth) and inside of the mouth before i rig or do any shape keys.

Your alien must work out at the gym. :smiley:

I like it, keep up the good work!

Hmmm… The chest muscles/abs look a little funny. They look kinda like they were just extruded out, they should probably be blended in a little better.

Also, a little tapering works wonders, here everything looks too sharp and abrupt. Just draw everything together a little more instead of making it look like you modelled everything seperately.