Al-Qashwa Elementary School

Hi all, may peace be upon you all. In this thread, I want to share with you my latest arch-viz work from my internship at Andyrahman Architect, an architecture design studio based in Surabaya, Indonesia. I was tasked to design this Islamic elementary school that also modern but with a touch of of vernacular architecture. Thankfully, the client approved my design, and so I continued to create the visualization for marketing purposes.

I modeled the buildings in Sketchup, but then render them in Blender Cycle @2K 200 samples with Optix denoiser. For the lighting, I use HDRI from HDRI Haven with an additional sun lamp to make it more pop up. After that moved it to Photoshop for additional post-processing especially for the sky and grass.

Iā€™m still learning, so any critique would be much appreciated!

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