Alan McKay´s Free Live action Training- The shores. fluids, destruction etc

It´s been out for a while, it´s free…though I think you need to sign up with a mail to get the links.
It´s a 10 part video training series, you will get notified upcoming days when he releases the final parts of it.

So far he has made 6 of them ready to download.

You only have til 27th March to download the parts…sign up here, and again…it´s free…

It covers the usage of 3Dmax and tyflow, thinking particles…but learning vfx aproaches and some principles can probably be used within blender, though some things will not work so great.

Anyway. the training is free, from a guy who has done great VFX stuff for movies like…

start trek in to darkness
Superman returns (technical director)
The Equalizer
Last airbender
Blade (trinity)