Alaska secret bunker

I’ve been working on a new project to test out some things I’ve lurned in the time.
Because I’ve the dvd from creature factory I thought it would be handy to use some of the textures used in it.
I’m looking forward to get some c&c so I can work on it more in a focused location.


I made a update :

or HD:


It looks great, but for some reason I don’t find it fitting the secret theme. Consider adding some rocks to the whole thing to justify the color as well as partially covering the bunker with snow :slight_smile:
Ah, yeah, and the wires…

Haha- no your right! But for some how, I can’t think of an other name that fit perfectly.
I like your idea about the rocks and snow, I think I’m going to add that tomorrow!
I’m also not really satisfide with the air tube at the top of the bunker, but I’m not sure what to add in place. Maybee something like a small attenna?

So what exactley are we looking at? My first thought was that it is some sort of door, but to be honest I’m not really sure.

Well, you can just add it to the side for example :slight_smile: I suppose you’re not satisfied with it because it doesn’t follow the bunker’s curve and to me it looks like it lacks materials… About the antenna - could do the job, however make sure you mask it :slight_smile: Good luck!