Album Art - character - "The Comfort of Safety"

for NZ band Neway Home

this image is VERY WIP so please be aware that this is a rough concept which will be refined into a finished product.

okay, ditched that shitty concept, got a new one now, much more what i had in mind, far better feel to it.

i think i’ll start detailing in soon.

edit image below /edit

“shitty concept” ? uh… but I like that concept :wink:

I don’t know why that man has a knife (scared? or agressive?), or if he’s going out or entering something, and I like the fact that this image could be interpreted in different ways.

whoops, seems i buggered up the imgae link, here is the new concept:

whoah, thats really cool. i like both of them. but the second one kind of look like michael jackson for some reason