Album Art Concept

The concept for this project was to capture the conflicted feelings of a lover for their partner regarding their readiness to love their partner with unwavering trust, to fully embrace them and be embraced by them, or to continue holding back.

Above is the Cycles render, and below is the EEVEE render. I introduced opposing SS colors in the conjoined figures below to further highlight the contrast in actions and expressions between theirself.

The simple color theory employed between the figures above and below communicate unconditional acceptance of all conflicting parts of their lover, a commitment that does not falter whether the recipient embraces or shies away from it. This is explicitly expressed through the combination of colors red and blue, as the color purple implies unification between the two hues.

Below are 5 final concept renders I developed to fit best with the characters, gesture and expression capture, and color scheme in my opinion. I switched up the environment to a repetitive style to keep the focus solely on the subjects, but I still felt coolness of the atmosphere could be used to my advantage, hence the iterations on color, light and volumetric data.

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