Album Cover Work

Hey Gang!

At it again…

Working on rendering one of my favorite old album covers…

So here is the original:

and here is kinda what I have so far… understandably I am not even close so far…but give me a few pointers…

Thanks alot!


“The sun is shining in the sky, there ain’t a cloud in sight… it’s stopped raining…”


Not a bad album that, not bad at all.

Your album art is shaping up nicely too :smiley:

It would appear we have either dated ourselves… or no one else is a fan PolygoneUK…

Thanks for the reply…

I was hloping for a few more crits… maybe after I post a update…


Sorry I missed this earlier. I’m a huge fan of both ELO and Shusei Nagaoka - who’s original art that is. I’ve often thought of filming a little animation featuring this ship and a section of music from the band. Good luck. If you google the artist’s name you might get some other shots.

I’d leave the top logo as a texture, since that’s how it’s being portrayed in the artwork. Lots of work still to do, depending on whether you’re doing the inside?

I love those guys’ music! Your ELO UFO is looking pretty good. Could we see a camera shot from the exact angle of the album’s camera angle? Then we could help you with your lighting better.

Looking at it again, it looks like the perspective in that artwork is all over the place. You won’t want to match it totally, but hopefully you can ‘correct’ it.

well as far as the logo goes…

I was trying to get a feel for the lettering like on the new ZOOM album:

but I suppose I could just work up a texture :wink:


wow- a giant Simon Says in space… :stuck_out_tongue: Looking good so far.

Hey gang…

I wanted to do a little fly by of this model and I noticed this over in another forum:

Problem 2

When the camera gets in the bleu sphere i would like it to keep following the path but while pointing torward the red ball in the center.

I wanted to make it track a empty in the middle of the red ball but it does not work for the beggining part of the tunnel.

How can i do that?


Problem 2:

If I understand you correctly, you wish to track an Empty, but only once the camera enters the blue sphere??

If that’s the case, I would add a Constraint Influence IPO curve.

select the camera, then the Empty; then press Ctrl_T -> Constraint.
Select the camera.
Open up an IPO curve window, and change the IPO Type to ‘Constraint’
Then, switch to the Object buttons, and find the constraint panel.
click the little ‘Edit’ button at the bottom.

Next, in the IPO curve window, hi-light the 'Inf’luence label on the right hand side - it should turn white.

Finally, add points in the IPO curve window by Ctrl_Left Mouse button clicking in the graph portion of the window. At frame 0, click at an influence setting of 0, then where you want it to start tracking, say frame 50, enter 0 once again, and at frame 100 (or what ever) enter a value of 1.

You will need to tweak the curves to get rid of any “wows” that occur.

Is this still applicable to the new versions of Blender?

I want the camera to fly along the path… get near the object and track it… and as it flies away, return back to tracking the path…

Kinda like being distracted by a cute girl :stuck_out_tongue:



No responses at all?

No one know anything about doing this or no one knows what I am trying to do???


I don’t personally have enough experience with paths and ipo’s but is greybeard’s kfipo vid tut any use? I think everyone’s in the same boat with 2.4…, we’re all on a steep learning curve!!

I agree…

and I got the INF constraint to work…having the camera view move to target then back to track…

I wonder if this could be used as well to modify speed along a track… allowing the camera to slow to a stop…then resume???

Just ideas bouncing in my head…