Alembic Face Sets (import)

Hi there,

As you know there is an Alembic support in Blender with great Export options (including Face Sets), but when I try to Import an Alembic model with pre-defined Face sets from Maya - I can’t see them anywhere, neither as material slots nor as vertex groups or something… (Tried in 2.79 and 2.8)

Is this feature still missing or am I doing something wrong?

PS Face Sets are groups of faces which have an assigned “material name” which are kind of Material slots in Blender language. The only workaround I found is to manually create new materials and assign them the faces which you select from UVs layout which are placed in UDIM manner. But it’s, of course, awkward and not always applicable.


Almost a year has passed and Blender 2.8 is getting finished day by day. Any updates on that simple but such an important feature? It’s quite frustrating when Blender knows how to export face sets but doesn’t import them itself…