Alfa Romeo 4C Concept

Latest image^
This is my take on the Alfa 4c. It’s a beautiful car, but there are some things in its design that I would personally like to change. So here goes. After about 2 hours work, I have the main body done, and I’m working on the foglights.



Interior lining.

Another view of it so far.

And some wires of the car body itself.

look, guys, it’s red! (idk who “guys” are, since i’m pretty much just talking to myself, but still)

2h to block out the main body? Well, I can tell this is not your first car! Good job mister.

Never mind the silence, sometimes people don’t feel like posting, sometimes they do.

Not a big fan of the red shader, it doesn’t do justice to your model.

Thank you, JoolsMcFly! It definitely is not my first :slight_smile: I’ve been doing this for an embarrassingly long time…

Yeah I think I’ll fiddle with the shader a bit, but I will probably keep it red, because it’s an Italian car!

Actually I went and made it blue, check that out. XD This is a quick headlight update; getting there, but not quite how I want it yet.

Much more to my liking. What do you guys think?

The shaders are looking much better, I am just not sure about the angle or lighting. keep up the work!

These are all just test renders; they’re nowhere near final :slight_smile:

I am liking that headlight design!

Thanks, Oscar J! It’s a la Lotus Elise 111R!

A bit of detailing on the hood…Up next are windshield wipers!

sea foam green yo

Blender HDRI is sweet.

shader updates, door handles.

Between schoolwork and trying to play Vampire Weekend songs on piano, I haven’t made too many meaningful updates to this model lately…don’t worry, cooler things are to come.

Studio render.