Alfa Romeo 8C

Some renders of my latest projects, Alfa Romeo 8C, and A Ferrari 599 GTB. Pretty much done with the outside, will start working with the inside soon. Any comments/critics? Also, I would like som ideas of materials on the cars, how to make it realistic. I tried to make a render on the Ferrari (as you can see) but i think it looks plastic…

Like it? :slight_smile:

Some pictures:


even more pictures…


wow those look great! on some of them the lighting looks really dark, any way you could brighten that up
also, do you use the subsurf modifier? i can’t seem to get it so that i can have sharp corners on my model (i am working on a camaro) while having the subsurf modifier on. any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

I use loop cut or knife :slight_smile: Good luck!

I like how lamboguy1 jacked your thread with his own modeling question

deal with it. lol
no, seriously, it looked so good, i wondered how its done.

Really nice. I love the clay renders. I want to see everything in clay all the time.

these ought to come in clay render finish :smiley:
nice work :slight_smile:

How did he hijack rvgnizswt? He asked a question you dick.

Nice model, would love to c some materials and scene for it.

The problem is, I have no idea what Clay is, I just downloaded a scene setup from this sit, and put my model into it. Also, I have no idea how to make realistic car renders. Can anybody help me? :smiley:

Clay is a naturally occurring material composed primarily of fine-grained minderals, which show plasticity through a variable range of water content… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty new to all this, so for materials I’ve just been downloading materials from open repositories.

Here’s a good one…

There are lots of neat materials there.

looks good, the renders could be better.

I need video tutorial. Please. You better make one. I serious need to learn now after seeing that you have made so many cars.