Alfa romeo concept GT car

it’s been a long time since I modeled something, so shoutout quarantine i guess. any c&c welcome folks!


Looks incredibly clean! Fantastic work so far! :smiley:

I love the wheels!
Could you post a wireframe of them? I’m curious about how you made those.

here you go domosk. usually just do a 5-radial array of a basic shape (circle in this case) and kinda work with it to make them flow together. the array clipping option is super helpful for that.

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Very cool modeling.

thanks Kyle! here’s a new render, slightly improved lighting and car paint…


Thanks for sharing. Looks good. Is the circle “star” connected to the outside of the rim??

nope it’s just kinda smushed up to the outside of the rim haha. didn’t feel like taking that much trouble with it.
new render:

there’s an interior going on right now, but it’s not good enough to include in renders yet, I’ll post some images of progress on that later.


So good, love the peal-esque paint.

Better lighting again, better backdrop, more curves around the rear fender