Alfa Romeo Monoposto Tipo B Model Kit

Cycles, 1000 samples, 4:40h render time, 1920x1080

1280x720 V.2

1920x1080 V.2


This is great! I’d say you stand a good chance of winning for sure :yes:

Excelent job! Have you done any real scale modeling?

May I suggest a few things? Iv’e been making scale models for years, my dad has been making them since he was young.

Your just missing a few tools.

Like these

here is a pic of a more hard core modeler. You could throw in some more items in the background. Like brush paint, glue A cutting board on the desk etc…

I think that would be more realistic. But you could leave it as is and keep the impression of it being a diecast model.

You are totally right Terminator. I was going to create all those things like glue, brushes, paint, files etc but simply didn’t have time. Thanks for the references, perhaps I will create some additional details and render it again…

Oh lol! this was one of the entries I was talking about when I said I wouldnt win

Really nice entry, hope you win too :slight_smile:

what detailed model? :slight_smile: I love this cars. Where did you find such a great dust&scratches for postpro? Thanks for info

Your welcome, either way it looks great!


After few suggestions I’ve decided to add some additional models to this scene.
I hope I didn’t exaggerate this time.

Hi-res version

Great job … now it looks more realistic scene

This is the “old photo” from the render.

Nice job :slight_smile:

yeah, that’s right. Much better now. This one “tells a story” clearer, don’t you? :smiley:
anyway the first render was awesome too. :wink:

Great!!! :eyebrowlift:

that old photo render shows some super detail and is pretty realistic you could fool some people. +5 awesome work

Wow! i love the attention to detail, you have bits of dust in the air floating around above the car, nice work :slight_smile:

That looks so much better! The tools and accessories look great.

haha very good! I like the car!!!

Very good work. Really love the lighting and all the texture !