Algae on underwater rocks


As a newbie, I’m working on an underwater scene and I would like to put some algea on the rocks. I have a reference image below, and my test render. How can I create algae on my rocks?

Thanks a lot…


that render looks good to me. But since you want to improve, you could make a texture of algae, or find one. then you could turn the norm up a bit, so it affects how the rock looks.

can you explain the texture you sued to do this
or may be uplaod a sample file to see how you did this one

it also depends how non ufiform you want it to be

right it looks like it’s very uniform !


What do you mean your a newbie!? that render looks pretty good to me. How did you do it? I really like the seafloor. what did you use to texture it?

Thanks guys. This is my second project (the first one is still unfinished corvette).

I have attached the blend file. Sorry for the generic names on textures. The textures should be in the file.

I created the sea floor texture using some pebble pictures. I’m planning to add some displacement based on that image later to increase 3d effect on it.

I think an algea texture as both displacement and color would create an effect that would be satisfactory but all my displacements create large changes in the shape. Perhaps I need to go higher resolution but I doubt that is the problem.

RickyBlender, I want to cover all the rocks with algea, but the density and color of it could be different in different regions.


underwater4.blend (478 KB)

i tough you une only procedural textures

but you got 2 pictures there as texture

you could always add another marble with large values to change some of the colors at different locations

to give more random color value

you cold also use a stucci 3D effect to give more volume a litttle
i’ll do a test and come back see pic

let use know what yout hink

keep up the good work

Thanks Ricky,
I will play with stucci, I think one of the reasons I’m not happy is the rocks themselves. Instead of a bumpy structure, I will try a little sharper one.