Ali qapu

hi blender user.I created this by blender.
its (Ali qapi) a historical monument of Safavid period of Iran. located in Isfahan city.
I took about 403(1.2 GB) pictures with canon camera and used 113(380 MB) of them for texturing.
Each decorative tile has a different pattern.also you can see detail and wip in next’s photos.
maybe in future,I improve outdoor environment,and add shopkeeper and etc.also some optimization and textures baking.Also improve some of the original model.
also see :
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and :

thanks for your attention


super detailing


thanks @swathi

آفرین. خودت هم اصفهان زندگی میکنی؟

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Impressive. This work should be featured

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Thanks a lot @csimeon

Amazing work ali

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thanks @marjan

amazing work

@golsa thank you

Great work!

thanks, I count this as WIP or (first_final_by_force_of_time)
recently I do some more work on this project.
just something like baking the textures remaining until I publish it again. game_ready and with some improvement.

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stunning work keep it up :smiley:

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:pray: :pray: :love_you_gesture: thank you

details!!! such great work :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot Aria

well done :clap: :clap: :clap:

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thanks, its too old, Morteza, I will publish a new version of it soon(this month)