AliceinWonder-Sketchbook-Character challenge


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Wow, I did not expect that. Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks great and inspiring challenge! Keep it up :star2:

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Thank you @good_omen. This challenge really helped me to realize what my strengths and weaknesses are. It should not take as long the next time either!:grin:

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Hello again artists,

I’m excited to show my next character project. This one took me about 24 hours…An improvement from 72 hours :sweat_smile:
I followed a tutorial from Jus Tis Arts on youtube: to get a better undrstanding of head structure. It is a 7 part tutorial, but not a finished product.
I decided to finish it like I did with my last one and I decided to use Vi from Arcane as my reference.

Here is the finished character, just the head and shoulders. I used texture paint for the shirt, I hope it looks ok as it was a last minute thing.
I added a collage of some of the earlier steps further down. I didnt take as many pictures this time because in the beginning I was not planning to do a finished product, but my husband encouraged me to do the whole process to reinforce the skills I learned from the first one. He was right because as much as I thought I would remember everything, once I started, I had to refresh myself on quite a few things, like how to start the hair, uv unwrapping, baking, texturing etc…
This is a steep learning curve and it is easy to get off track and slow down progress by focusing too much on one part too soon. Im happy that I finished the character completely and I will be doing so going forward. :blush:

So ugly lol…and yes…she looked like an alien before these pictures were taken :rofl:


Hey Artists,
I chose Viktor next, again from Arcane. I went on to add the upper body. The plan was to add a full body but I struggled enough with the upper portion that I decided it was enough for this time. :face_exhaling:

Sculpting and retopologizing the face was quick, but the clothing was rough.
Because I had a lot of pieces to UV unrwap and texture, it definitely makes more sense to me now, although I did run into a few problems with my texture going on inside out, especially on the sleeves :thinking: I ended up redoing those pieces and it was fine.
After the camera was where I wanted it, I used grease pencil to go over some details that I just couldn’t get right in the texturing, especially the sleeves.
This project took me about 35-40 hours to complete.
Here is my progression collage:


I sculpted Jinx again, with the attempt to capture the likeness of her face. This one took about 20-25 hours to complete. I used to struggle with placing hair, but I started to get the hang of it this time around. I felt confident enough to render 360 degrees to show the full model.

Here is the 360 video:

Here is the collage of my progress:

As usual, feedback is always welcome so I can improve.