Alien - A Portrait

After some Photoshopping on this this morning, I now consider this one final. Please feel free to comment and make any crits, I will note them for the future.

Thanks for all the input in the WIP thread. It helped immensly.

Also, a huge thanks goes out to mellowsmoothe for allowing me the use of his concept sketch as a reference for this one.


Woah! Thats pretty cool man!

It´s probably too late to give you some critique, but here It comes
anyway :slight_smile:

  1. The background takes far too much attention from the main
    image, your model is nice…but the background simply steals
    the attention.

  2. The cloth has so little detail in comparison to the character.

But I really REALLY like the textures on your model, very well done!

yeah the character is so beautiful, however i agree with the last coments about the clothing. the necklace doesn’t do it for me either.

but hey, always look on the bright side of life :stuck_out_tongue: so all up its damn fantastic.

how many hours did you put into this one?


Ah, it’s the walrus.

My only crit is, that the background doesn’t match in whit the character, as the background looks more painting like than the charcter itself. Maybe if you’d just either adjust the character towards more painting like or the background towards more real.

But other than that, you’ve executed the character very well.

Thanks for the comments guys.

JoOngle: Hmmmmm… others have said the BG image works for this one. What would you suggest? Just tone it down some, or get rid of it completely?

Alltaken: I had issues with getting the shader on the necklace to look correct from the beginning. So I just gave up on t and left it. As for total hours on this one, I am not sure exactly, but likley about a week in total hours anyway. On and off.

Hippie: Thanks for the suggestion.


Well…maybe they mean that the colors match the image? Because it does!

But it looks sort of “out-of-focus” and it´s also quite bright and have a lot
of details…you know…just like an image taken with an telescope, you´d
rarely see such an image in real life.

I think the BG-image needs better resolution, less dominance, and as
you suggest…tone it down a little. It´s worth a little experimentation.

Well if it is a portait the BG I would say is fine. If it is a sceen I would say that the BG would need changing but that is just IMO.

It looks very good.

well, this one turned out excellent ! im glad to see it in Finished Projects.

I don’t agree with JoOngle about the clothing. I love the cloths, IMO it shouldn’t be detailed more. The head itselve is amazing, as well as the texturing, abviously. I have to agree with the background being a bit distractive.

Btw: the rings who make up the chain around his neck: the one in his neck (backside) isn’t touching his back. Plus that the rings are perhaps a bit too flat. But that’s just my opinion.

As ususal BgDM, impressive.

Very, Very Impressive although the upper lip is a little creepy going all the way around his head as it looks.

awesome work, BgDM. looks like an ambassador or something (from area 51, maybe?)

oh, and btw, do you know if it’s single? 'cause damn it’s cute :P.


I like it, but my crit about the necklace not having enough thickness still stands. Wonderful work, but I am put off a little by the necklace.

It is a great image. The background needs a bit of “deep” feeling.

Yeah, the necklace is a bit flat, but your modeling rocks. Just like the whole skin (colour + bump).

And I forgive you for the cliche-scar over his eye. :wink:

Would have looked really cool when rendered with yafray…

i didnt know they did walmart portraits in space?,haha, love the modeling and i think you really pulled off some great texture work!

glad to see you go this one done.

No problem with the bg here. With his regal eyes and expression I imagine him as guest speaker at the dedication of a new intergalactic Air and Space Museum.

That’s some fantastic depth in the skin texture. The model inspires me to actually finish something one day.

Wow, lots of replies.

JoOngle: OK, thanks for the input. Noted. I may play with it. But I have other blends I need to finish off first. :wink:

Sir Mikey: Thanks.

nehpets: Thanks too.

Roger: OK, thanks for ths input. And good call on the medallion at the back, I didn’t even notice it wasn’t touching. :o

jackj: lol, yeah. It is a bit weird, but iut’s based off the concept. Find my WIP thread for a link to the concept drawing.

block01cube: dude, if you are that desperate, you need some serious help. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

digital_me: I know. I know. You can beat me with a cane at another time and place. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alvaro: That’s what it needs. I agree 100%. Thanks for the crit.

Sago: Thanks for the comment. If I took the time to understand Yafray’s lighting some more, I would probnab;y try and render it in Yaf. If you have any suggestions, I am open to them.

Wu: Thanks man. Glad your mother could sit for me while I did this. But man, was she bitchy during the process. Good lord, all she had to do was sit for 4 weeks and let me try an model around that nasty cold sore on her mouth. Frig, it’s the size of a football. :stuck_out_tongue:

CD38: Thanks for the nice comment.


laughing so hard i’m filling my pants

great gob mate, i really love how you pulled it off.

I cant help but feel like your lighting and post process really flattened some of the great texture work you have done here, though, which is really a shame :wink:

the bump mapping on the medallions of the necklace look too flat in my opinion. maybe a ‘stronger’ bump map, or actually modell the pieces, just what i noticed, good job overall

funniest thing i’ve ever read on all elysiun!
i laughed untill i cryed, hahah!