alien ambassador

hi people!

this is my last work

Made entirely in blender 2.49b+internal and some color correction in postproducion :slight_smile:

the idea is to create an image inspired by starwars and some steampunk image


Very nice work. The only crit I have is that the texture on the lower jaw looks a little stretched.

thankyou for reply :slight_smile:

about the texture, I will post a shot of the Color pass for explain better :slight_smile:

here a wire :slight_smile:

It immediately reminded me of some of the creatures from Hellboy 2. I don’t know why.

One thing that annoys me is that the material on the velvet ruffles under his neck looks almost like flesh. If you could fix that it would look perfect.

Why is this your last project?

thankyou A.Tim!

I mean, this is my recent work with blender (google translator some times wrong :smiley: )

No body likes that red :frowning: (exept me) , I tried to obtain a red cardinal like this with some specular pattern like this or this

Hell boy is pretty steampunk right :slight_smile:

Good work. :yes:

Grazie Carrozza :slight_smile:

I like the use of the complimentary color system. The detail work is nice also. The look on his face tells me he just wants the day to end so he can get out of the stiff clothing. Nice work.

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